Mobile Shopping Continues To Grow

It’s no secret that consumers are very dependent on smart phone technology.  It has rapidly become one of those “don’t leave home without it” tools.  Mobile users are extremely reliant on them during the shopping process.  In fact, new research might surprise you in how much smart phones are used.

• Nearly 90% of smart phone owners have used their devices while shopping in-store

• Almost 80% of shoppers have made a purchase on their smart phone or tablet

• Four in 10 mobile consumers have used a mobile device to compare prices while shopping in-store

• One in four searched for coupons online with a smart phone

• Nearly 20% of smart phone owners utilized geo-location based services to find a retailer

• Even though mobile payments are relatively new, nearly 10% of smart phone owners have paid for goods and services at checkout via mobile device

What Does This Mean To You?

Take a look at your shoppers, how many have smart phones? How many are on those phones while in your location?  Smart phones are a part of consumer’s lives and not taking advantage of the functionality they offer can be a costly mistake.
If consumers are using their devices in store and comparing prices, you should use mobile technology to make sure they are getting your message as well.  Using QR codes with reviews and special offers not only make it easy for consumers to look up information on the internet, it makes sure that you are communicating  the points you want consumers to see.  Mobile technology has also made it easier to engage consumers with loyalty programs.  Whether they are delivered through social media, SMS/Text or email, they are another way for you to develop loyalty with your customers and create extended sales.  For more information on using mobile to develop revenue, please contact
your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Nielsen


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