Which Apps Have Grown The Most?

A post from last week showed the tremendous growth in app use. Today, we’ll look to what types of apps are seeing the most growth.  Because apps usually designed around specific functions, behaviors or interests; they provide your business with excellent targeting capabilities.

• Over all, mobile apps saw an increase of 84% in unique audience from 2011 to 2012

• Photography based apps had the largest increase in unique users at 123%

• Instagram, in particular has seen incredible growth.  They have added 13 million users in the past year and has grown 270% in the past 3 months

• Travel apps jumped 116%, finance/banking apps grew 105% and communication apps grew 98%

• News & information applications and commerce & shopping apps increased by roughly 90%

• Entertainment based apps jumped 85% and social networking apps grew
nearly 60%

What Does This Mean To You?

These apps can help your business create deeper connections with consumers and new ways of engagement.  More consumers than ever are using photography apps.  You could invite costumers to take pictures of people using your products and turn them into a visual testimonial.  You could also have a contest where customers submit photos to a specific hashtag.   Travel apps provide opportunity for more than just hotels & airlines.  Use travel apps to promote your business to people traveling to your area.  These can be exceptionally beneficial for restaurants and other activities that travelers want to plan before they embark.  One of the more interesting developments is the growth in finance and banking apps.  With so many people now using mobile devices to bank – mobile payment cannot be far behind.  This is something you may want to investigate as a future capability for your company.  Incorporating apps into your marketing strategy will ensure that your messaging stays consistent. For more information on how to develop customer engagement through apps, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Nielsen


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