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What’s Your Go-To Device?

Technology has made our lives easier in so many ways. But, it’s also made it confusing at the same time.  Today, we’ve got a vast array of devices and platforms to get the news from.  New research has been released that shows what devices go-to first when looking for news and information.

shutterstock_80658865 copy• Nearly half of all consumers said that the TV was their go to device

• Just under 20% replied laptop and 15% said desktop computer

• 8% of those surveyed said their smart phone was the device they relied on most for news & information and 4% said tablet

• Women were more likely than men to have the TV as their go-to device

• Among 18 to 34 year olds, 30% responded they relied most on their TV, but 28% responded laptop

• Nearly one in four 18 to 34 year olds also said that mobile devices (smart phones & tablets) were their first option for news and information

What Does This Mean To You?

The ways we find news and information, especially breaking news, are constantly evolving.
Think about how you find out Michael Jackson passed away?
Now think about the way you heard that Pope Benedict resigned this morning?
Mobile is becoming the conduit from which people are getting their news and information.
It’s not just the mobile web; it’s also social media and email moving to mobile first.
Your business needs to be fully optimized for mobile.  Not just your web presence, but your social sites as well.  For more information on utilizing mobile to get results, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

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The Social Second Screen

Multitasking is nothing new.  For many years consumers have done multiple things while engaged with media.  Mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, have taken media multitasking to a whole new level because of
how engaged users are with their devices.  Several recent surveys  have
shown just how pervasive these second screen activities are, especially
with social media.

• Over 40% of US consumers are using their laptops, smart phones or tablets while watching TV

• The top activity is email related, social networking ranks second

• Among those who are social networking, 55% of men are on Twitter as are 45% of women

• Half of Twitter users are engaged with others about shows in real-time

• Over three-quarters of social networkers tell their friends what they
are watching

What Does This Mean To You?

As consumers continue to rely on mobile devices for content, second screen activity is bound to increase.  This means that the attention of viewers will be even more fragmented and any investment in TV advertising can be adversely affected.  In fact, because most users are holding their devices, there is a good chance they are more engaged with second screen content than the TV shows that are being shown.  Portability is also an issue, it’s much easier to move
from room to room with a tablet or smart phone than to move a wall mounted flat screen.  As a business, you need to make sure your advertising messages
are being seen.  Due to the growth of mobile, the TV may be on, but are the viewers watching the message? For more information on effectively reaching consumers through multiplatform channels, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

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