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What Shoppers Want

Many businesses are worried about the “showrooming” affect.  “Showrooming” is when consumers shop for a product in-store but wind up making the purchase digitally.  New research on the wants of holiday shoppers can help you create innovative digital tactics that will help keep shoppers spending money in your physical location.

shutterstock_50109352• Seven in 10 shoppers agreed that stores need to do more to enhance the in-store shopping experience

• Nearly 80% said they want the ability to make a purchase in-store, but have it shipped home free

• Nearly six in 10 wanted interactive kiosks or displays that offered addition product information or product recommendations

• 56% wanted exclusive in-store mobile offers

• Nearly 60% wanted an easy mobile payment option

What Does This Mean To You?

From yesterday’s post, we know that digital shopping is only going to increase.
In fact, almost six in 10 smart phone owners reported that they “showroomed” this holiday season.
While some of these customer “wants” may not be feasible or technologically possible for many small retailers, but they do point to some things you may be able to provide.

• Shipping options – Free shipping may not be possible for every purchase, but you may want to investigate free or reduced shipping for purchases made over a certain dollar amount.

• Customer service – While digital kiosks are something that would be great – it’s really about customer service.  A recent study showed that consumers want your store personal to be knowledgeable about the products you sell and the offers you have.   A great customer experience can turn a consumer into a loyal customer.  Ensuring your staff is well trained is a cornerstone of great customer service

• Discounts and Offers – Mobile coupons and exclusive mobile offers are very popular and can help you increase sales.  More important than the coupons and offers is a loyalty program that includes them. Loyalty programs can help you create targeted offers that have value to the shopper and turn your messages into something they find important

• Mobile payment – This is one to watch.  Making payments, including point of sale, could be the next big thing consumers rely on their mobile device for.  It will all depend on the user experience.  When evaluating vendors, pay attention to the ease of use.  Stay away from anything that seems too clunky.  If a solution is not quick and easy consumers will not use it

For many businesses, keeping shoppers in-store is an imperative and there are digital tools and programs that can help you.  For more information on creating success from digital, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; GfK Roper; SapientNitro


The Importance of Gift Cards

A few weeks ago, we had a post on the types of gifts shoppers plan to give this year.  Gift cards came out as one of the top presents people plan to give. Knowing what types of gift cards people plan to give can help you create a gift card strategy for your business or what gift card vendor your business should do business with.

shutterstock_112219064• Gift cards are going to be a major purchase this year – reports show that roughly half to three quarters of consumers will buy a gift card as a present this year

• Four in 10 consumers plan to give 1 -3 gift cards this holiday season

• A quarter of shoppers plan to give 4 to 6 gift cards

• Gift cards to discount retailers will be the most purchased – 36% of consumers expect to buy cards to that store type

• One in four consumers gift cards purchased will be for a restaurant

• One in five cards bought will be for a prepaid multi-use card such as a prepaid Visa or an online only retailers such Amazon or iTunes

• 17% of holiday gift card buyers will buy a card for a regular department store

• 15% of gift cards purchased will be from a specialty retailer or from an electronics retailer

What Does This Mean To You?

If your company doesn’t have a gift card available for itself, it might be something you wish to explore. Partnering with a vendor who sells cards for other companies may also be something to think about.
Not only are consumers buying them as gifts, they are the type of present the most consumers want to receive.  Gift cards make a great point of purchase sale – especially during the holidays.  Shoppers are in a hurry and gift cards are a clean, easy purchase to make.  If your business sells greeting cards, that is another place to locate them.  For more information on how to make your company more profitable for the holidays and beyond, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte

Where Holiday Shoppers Learn About New Items

“Jingle All The Way” might be one of the B list holiday movies but its storyline plays out every year.
There’s always one toy on the list that is virtually impossible to find – you go to the store and it’s sold out. You go online and there are none available.  You check with friends and they tell you that they found it…weeks ago.  Have you ever wondered how people hear about the items they intend to purchase for the holidays?  A new report chronicles the sources of information consumers use to learn about holiday gifts.

shutterstock_71205736• Over two-thirds of shoppers use digital tools to learn about the things they plan to buy

• For adults age 18-24, nearly 80% get their information via social media, online or mobile means – as do over 70% of those aged 25-34

• Six in 10 get inspiration from traditional media

• Nearly 60% learn about gifts from friends
or family

• Just over one-third get the idea to buy a certain item from catalogs

What Does This Mean To You?

Long-gone are the days of the old Sears Wish Book.  The toys were
conveniently located in the middle of the catalog and it always seemed
to open to the ultra cool GI Joe battle scene or the bridge of the USS
Enterprise with its spinning teleporter room.  The toys were never as
cool as the pictures.
Today, digital tools are the primary way
holiday shoppers learn about the gifts they intend to buy. And because
most sites have places to post and read comments, you find out that
Barbie’s playhouse has over 100 parts and takes over 3 hours to put
together.  The digital revolution has given shoppers all the information
they need.  Mobile has made that information more powerful and
portable.  It has also given you more opportunities to create unique
selling opportunities and set yourself apart from the competition.  Take
time to look at all of your digital promotional entities.
Does it give customers a reason to shop at your location?
Does it set you apart from your competitors?
Does it easily tell consumers where you are located and how to contact you?
The holidays are very busy, shoppers make quick decisions.  If your
site, mobile space and social presences don’t help bring customers to
you, then you are doing yourself a disservice.  In tomorrow’s post,
we’ll take a look at the influence social media has over holiday
shopping.  For more information on digital campaigns that will bring you
great holiday success,, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte