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Mobile Making New Brands Relevant

It’s never easy to establish yourself with consumers.  Competition is tight and consumer loyalty can be difficult to attain.  Mobile devices are a double edged sword when it comes to this.  Smart phones and tablets have made it easy for people to find to find your business, but it’s also made it easy for them to compare prices and find deals.  New research has become available that shows how mobile device owners find out about new products and businesses.

shutterstock_110330516• Two-thirds of smart phone owners have geo-location applications on their device, this makes it easy for shoppers to see the places they want to shop and how close your store may be to them

• Nearly 80% use search engines to find new products

• Over 30% use online ads and digital product reviews to discover new brands or products

• Just under a quarter have found new products through either Facebook posts or ads on Facebook

• 7% used twitter posts or ads and 6% saw a new product on Pinterest

What Does This Mean To You?

Technically, mobile should be thought of as a platform and not a solution.  There are many solutions that can be classified as mobile.  Geo-location apps, shopping apps, QR scanning apps are all native mobile solutions but there are other solutions that are becoming mobile-centric.  Because email, search and social networking are all becoming more mobile in nature, marketing via these channels could also be classified as mobile.  It’s more important to classify them in the way consumers are using them and develop campaigns that way.  For more information on making more money through mobile, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Research Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Forrester