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Smart Phones And Holiday Shopping

It’s no secret how big mobile is going to be this holiday season.  All
evidence points to it being a record breaking shopping period for
mobile.  A new report looks at how mobile affects holiday consumer
behavior and the items people will buy via mobile device.

shutterstock_119713633• Nearly one-third of consumers will make a purchase after seeing a mobile ad for the item

• Over six in 10 will visit a product’s webpage after seeing a mobile ad for the item

• Nearly 40% will download or redeem a coupon for the item

• Over 35% requested more information after seeing a mobile ad

• Women were more likely than men to say they purchased an item after seeing  an ad on a mobile device

• The top holiday gift items that consumers said they would buy via mobile device were electronics – including movies and music (60%), toys & games (56%), clothes (45%), flights & hotels (28%) and decorations (24%)

What Does This Mean To You?
Mobile sites are not just a luxury for businesses, they are an
imperative.  Not having a mobile site basically eliminates a large
portion of potential consumers from being exposed to your company.
Its how on-the-go consumers are learning about you, what you have to
offer and how to find you.  A good mobile site will also give them
reasons to shop your store and why they should make purchases from you
while in another location. Effective mobile solutions can help you take
business from the competition, create new customers and give you a great
means of targeting.  For more information on the many ways you can
deliver your message through mobile devices to gain a competitive
advantage, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Mojiva

Why Consumers Are Using Social Media For Holiday Shopping

Recently, we posted information on ways consumers are using social media during gift buying.  Today, we’ll look at the specific social media functions social networkers are using when making gift decisions.

shutterstock_20917339• Over four in 10 online consumers checked out reviews on social media when making a holiday purchase decision

• Nearly 20% looked at online wish lists

• Over 10% engaged in online discussions with social friends about things they may purchase

• Roughly one in 10 reviewed a gift recipient’s Facebook page for information or checked out photos the recipient may have placed online

• Less than 10% followed brands on social media to see what popular gifts might be, gone to pinterest to see things that the recipient might have “pinned” or looked to see what holiday gifts were trending on social media sites

• Other social media actions consumers engaged in were seeing what products had a lot of  “likes”, watched product demonstration videos or followed a gift recipient on Twitter to see what they might like as a gift

What Does This Mean To You?
Social media gives great insight into who consumers are and what they
buy.  It also can be great to promote your offerings.  With competition
as stiff as it is for the holiday dollar, what are you doing to leverage
social media?  If product reviews are important to shoppers, odds are
reviews of your business are important too.  If you haven’t  taken a
social inventory yet, you need to.  If it’s been a while since you’ve
looked at what people are saying about you online, it’s time to look
You may find that there are some good reviews that you can use as virtual testimonials.
You also may find negative postings, out of date information or
unanswered questions.  While positive comments are hidden gems that can
create new business, negative or out of date information can push
shoppers away – possibly to your competition.  Unanswered questions may
falsely portray your company as one that doesn’t care about its
customers.   For more information on how to create a social reputation that will bring you business,  please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; ConsumerSearch

How Big Was Cyber Monday?

Last month, we had a post that looked at the reasons why consumers were shopping on Cyber Monday.  All indications point to lots of businesses having ecommerce success during the first official weekend of holiday shopping.

shutterstock_119962987• Total online sales on Cyber Monday reached nearly $1.5 billion – making it the biggest day for ecommerce in US history

• Cyber Monday shopping increased nearly 30% from last year

• Thanksgiving Day online shopping had the second highest year over year gain at 20%

• Ecommerce sales for Black Friday were up 17%, the Saturday after was up 15% and the Sunday prior to Cyber Monday saw a 19% jump

• The top day for mobile shopping was Black Friday.  Over half of iPhone users and over 40% of Android user shopped on their mobile device on Black Friday

• In total, 28% of Mac users and 23% of Windows users shopped online during Cyber Monday

What Does This Mean To You?
Holiday shopping is no longer just about hitting the stores; it’s also about filling the electronic shopping cart.  With so many consumers using their desktop, laptop and mobile devices to make holiday purchases, what are you doing to ensure you get your share of the shopping?
Do you offer an ecommerce option?
Is there a mobile companion for your online storefront?
How are you promoting your ecommerce capabilities?
Ecommerce and Mcommerce are all about convenience for the consumer.  It gives them the ability to shop when they want to.  As hectic as the holidays are, online and mobile shopping gives shoppers the gift of time and eases the stress of dealing with holiday crowds.
If you have an online shopping option, you need to promote it and the value you offer.  While you may not be able to compete with major online retailers in the price arena, things like easy returns and exchanges are important when buying someone a gift.  For more information on how you can be competitive with Ecommerce and Mcommerce solutions, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Marketing Vox; comScore; Exelate

The Importance of Gift Cards

A few weeks ago, we had a post on the types of gifts shoppers plan to give this year.  Gift cards came out as one of the top presents people plan to give. Knowing what types of gift cards people plan to give can help you create a gift card strategy for your business or what gift card vendor your business should do business with.

shutterstock_112219064• Gift cards are going to be a major purchase this year – reports show that roughly half to three quarters of consumers will buy a gift card as a present this year

• Four in 10 consumers plan to give 1 -3 gift cards this holiday season

• A quarter of shoppers plan to give 4 to 6 gift cards

• Gift cards to discount retailers will be the most purchased – 36% of consumers expect to buy cards to that store type

• One in four consumers gift cards purchased will be for a restaurant

• One in five cards bought will be for a prepaid multi-use card such as a prepaid Visa or an online only retailers such Amazon or iTunes

• 17% of holiday gift card buyers will buy a card for a regular department store

• 15% of gift cards purchased will be from a specialty retailer or from an electronics retailer

What Does This Mean To You?

If your company doesn’t have a gift card available for itself, it might be something you wish to explore. Partnering with a vendor who sells cards for other companies may also be something to think about.
Not only are consumers buying them as gifts, they are the type of present the most consumers want to receive.  Gift cards make a great point of purchase sale – especially during the holidays.  Shoppers are in a hurry and gift cards are a clean, easy purchase to make.  If your business sells greeting cards, that is another place to locate them.  For more information on how to make your company more profitable for the holidays and beyond, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte

What Shoppers Want From Your Employees

Your social reputation is extremely valuable.  It is often what either
makes consumers shop with you or go to one of your competitors.  One way
to ensure your social reputation remains positive is through offering
great customer service.  During the holidays, shoppers don’t have much
time and look to your employees for advice and assistance.  A new report
has been released that looks into what shoppers expect from your

shutterstock_92612485• Over 60% of shoppers expect your employees to be knowledgeable about the products you sell

• Nearly six in 10 want to be checked out quickly

• 56% of shoppers want your employees to let them know about offers & discounts

• Over 40% of shoppers think your staff should greet them with a welcoming attitude

• More than two-thirds want your associates to price match other retailer’s offers

• Nearly 30% want your employees to have the ability to help them find gifts

What Does This Mean To You?

The staff is often the one thing shoppers remember most about a store.  Good customer service leads to good reviews and loyal customers.  Bad shopping experiences leads to bad reviews and customers business wind up at your competition.  Making sure your staff is educated is paramount.  Educated on what you sell, the offers & promotions that are currently available and what the competition is doing.  While the customer is not right in every single situation – their wants and needs should always be top of mind with you and your staff.  While motivating employees, especially during the holidays can be hard – the cost of an unmotivated, unhelpful employee often shows up in lost sales and missed opportunities.  For more information on how a positive social reputation cab make you more money, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte