How Consumers Used Mobile Devices Over The Holidays

From prior posts, we’ve chronicled information on much mobile shopping activity was done this past holiday season. Today, we’ll look at what types of shopping activity were done via smart phone and tablet.  This information can help you fine tune your mobile strategies for the future.

shutterstock_112912783• One-third of smart phone owners used their device to look up store hours, directions and locations. 20% of tablet owners looked for the same information

• 19% of smart phone owners and 18% of tablet owners read product reviews on their devices respectively

• Tablet owners were 28% more likely than smart phone owners to compare prices on their devices

• The biggest difference was in making a purchase.  13% of smart phone owners bought something over the holidays on their device.  19% of tablet owners completed a sale on their device

What Does This Mean To You?

While smart phones and tablets are both mobile devices, how consumers use them is different.  Smart phones are used much more often in-store or in transit than tablets.  This makes sense – it’s bad enough to see people drive and use their smart phone, image them trying to type on a tablet and drive.  Also, while many tablets are 3G & 4G enabled, many more are run from wifi.
Research suggests that consumers use tablet more to complete the sale.  Users are checking prices and buying items more often on tablets.  One of the big buzz words you’ll be hearing more about this year is device agnostic.  It basically means that that users will have the same digital experience on whatever device they connect with.  Layouts will automatically scale to the screen size of the device that are accessing on no matter if it’s a smart phone, tablet or phablet (new buzzword alert. A phablet is described as a smaller sized tablet – usually with a 5 inch screen).  These design improvements can help you better display your merchandise to mobile users.  For more information on how your mobile site can contribute more to your bottom line, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; SiteWorx


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