Social Media Moves Toward Mobile First

Social media has evolved from a small niche platform to a mainstream
force that businesses need to understand to be successful.  The way
people access social media is also evolving.  It started as a desktop
activity but the rise of mobile adoption has changed that completely.
More social presences are being designed as native mobile functions and
existing social sites are rapidly moving toward being more of a mobile
entity.  A new report is out that shows how and where social networkers
are accessing these sites.


Over 90% of social users have accessed a network on lap top or desktop devices, but that number has fallen year over year.

• In 2012, 46% of social networkers visited a site on their mobile phone

• Visitation via mobile phone rose 24% year over year

• The biggest jump came from tablet visitation.  Nearly one in six social media users accessed a site from a tablet in 2012

• From 2011 to 2012, the number of social networkers who visited a presence from their tablet increased by over 400%

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile technology has brought social media from the home to into your business.  From earlier posts we know that consumers are using their devices in store.  Besides “showrooming”, this activity gives them the ability to make comments on your business through your company’s social presence as well as their own.  It can put negative information on your organization in full view of potential shoppers.  But, it also can give positive information, such as “likes” and encouraging comments the same publicity.  Including social reputation into your marketing strategy is something to strongly consider. Why?

• Consumers tend not to shop at stores with negative information on social presences

• Social media users are more likely to share both negative and positive experiences

• Shoppers are relying on social media as a customer service function

• Social reputations influence in-store and online shopping behaviors

Social reputation management can help you clean up negative, incorrect or misleading information about you on social presences.  It also should address how to deal with positive comments and how you are going to promote them.  Look at positive comments as virtual testimonials.  To encourage them, you need to reward them. For more information on how to improve your social reputation, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Nielsen


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