Smart Phone Penetration

Smart phones have entered a rare company of products.  They are becoming firmly entrenched in the “how did I ever live without” segment of things.  While I’m not old enough to have lived without indoor plumbing, running water or air conditioning – I do remember the when Santa brought my Commodore 64 and what a big deal it was.  Soon, kids won’t believe there was a time when you couldn’t pay for a soda simply by tapping your iPhone.

ss pic2• If you think that everyone has a smart phone, you’re only half right.  50% of US adults own a smart phone, 93% own either a feature phone or smart phone

• The top group for smart phone ownership is adults 24-32 years old.  Over 70% of adults in this group own a smart phone.

• Nearly two-thirds of adults age 18-23 and 61% of adults 33-46 are smart phone owners

• There is a big drop off in smart phone penetration between adults age 33-46 and those 47-56. Adults in the older group are over 50% less likely to own a smart phone

• The main reason adults have not upgraded to a smart phone is cost. The biggest reason older adults have not moved into a smart phone is they do not see the need for them in their lives

What Does This Mean To You?

Have you ever left your smart phone at home?  What’s your first reaction?
Most likely, it’s turn around and go get it.
These devices are part of the consumer’s everyday lives and they will only grow in importance.
There are functions that your business can use to connect with customers and create engagement.
Mobile marketing allows you to reach potential shoppers no matter where they might be and you can geo-target your message to make it more relevant.
QR codes, permission based SMS, email and social media are either native mobile functions or activities that are rapidly becoming mobile first.  These can provide one-to-one messaging opportunities and can build shopper loyalty. The first step in monetizing your businesses mobile opportunities is creating a strategy.  For more information on building a mobile strategy that meets your companies needs and goals, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Forrester Research; Pew


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