Mobile Video Gets Shared

One of the benefits of digital is the ease at which users can share content and your message.  When someone shares content or advertising appended to it, they are basically giving their endorsement of it.  That endorsement gives the shared content added value and people who receive it will usually pay attention to it. New research is out that shows how often consumers share mobile video and the impact it could have on your message.

shutterstock_95561590• The number of adults who have watched video on their mobile device has nearly doubled since last year

• Nine out of 10 mobile video viewers have shared those videos with another person

• 16% say they share mobile video on a daily basis

• One-third share at videos weekly

• Just over 15% share mobile videos on a monthly basis

• Roughly one in four share in frequently

What Does This Mean To You?

Videos are a tremendous engagement tool.  Consumers don’t just pay attention to it, they seek it out.  Pre-roll video gives you the ability to combine your message with wanted content.  Because mobile video is shared so often, your message can become viral.
There are two things you can do to make your pre-roll video more effective.
Keep it short – Consumers tend to switch away from pre-roll videos that last more than 15 seconds
Keep it focused – If you can target your message to the content on the video or the audience that would most likely view the video – your message will be more relevant.  For more information on creating a viral message, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: On Device Research; eMarketer


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