Why Your Web Site Is Important

Think of how many digital entities your business may have.  Besides your web site, you probably have a Facebook page, maybe a twitter feed or a Pinterest board.  You may have a presence on a local review site or electronic listing page.  That doesn’t even count the amount of user generated content that could be floating around.  Consumers can probably find you in many different places – some you control and some you don’t.  Recently released information shows the sources that online shoppers trust when researching products to buy.  This information is extremely important in making sure potential customers get the right information about your business and the products you sell.

shutterstock_90091774• Nearly half of online shoppers said that a manufacturer or brand’s website was their most trusted source of information

• More than one-third said that they put trust in articles they found from a search engine

• 31% said that they trusted experts on certain topics

• Over 20% said that mainstream news sites were trustworthy for brand information

• Roughly 10% put their trust in links friends posted on social networks or information from blogs

What Does This Mean To You?

Overall, nearly 95% of consumers said they trusted some kind of online information when making online shopping product decisions.  The question is how do  you make sure they are getting the right information about your organization.

• Employ a robust search strategy – Your website is the most trusted source for online shoppers.  If you don’t have a strong search strategy, who knows what potential shoppers may see when they enter your name into a search engine.

• Monitor your social reputation – Social media can be a great referral tactic and engagement tool.  But if consumers are seeing negative information about your business, there is a good chance they will not do business with you.

• Utilize testimonials – Testimonials can be very powerful.  While you may not be able to get experts to extol the virtues of your business or product, people trust the opinions of others.  If you have a loyal customer, it would be beneficial to incorporate kind words from them in your web site.  Also, treat social media “likes” as virtual testimonials.  Because their social friends and followers will see it as well, a “like” or positive post can influence your perception among a large group of potential shoppers.

• Dot your Is and cross your Ts – When was the last time you took a critical look at your web site?
Is it outdated? Is all the product information current?
Can people easily find your contact information?
Are there typos?
Is it easily navigated?

Your web site, in many ways, is your front door to many consumers.  You need to make sure it’s easy to find, easy to navigate and potential shoppers can easily see the value of all the things you have to offer.  For more information on strategies to help you create a stronger ecommerce revenue stream, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: nRelate; eMarketer


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