Appy Appy Holidays

In yesterday’s post, we showed information on just how many mobile devices were activated on Christmas.  Today we’ll look at a downstream affect of those mobile activations – app downloads.  Just like with activations, a record amount of apps were downloaded.

shutterstock_112950025• On Christmas Day 2012, more than 328 million apps were downloaded onto mobile devices

• App downloads last year totaled 242 million downloads – In 2012, downloads increased by 36%

• Downloads didn’t stop on Christmas – It was expected that downloads would reach over 1.5 billion by New Years day

• App downloads peaked at 11am on Christmas and stayed strong till nearly 9pm

• During these peak times, nearly 20 million apps were downloaded every hour

What Does This Mean To You?

onsumers were very active with their new mobile devices on Christmas.  Many of those downloaded things will probably be used infrequently and eventually deleted.  We’ve said on multiple occasions that the success of mobile hinges on it’s convenience.  The other thing to remember is relevance.  Consumers are using mobile devices for specific purposes.  If your mobile content isn’t providing the information users want, they will move along to a competitor’s site that does. What might make your mobile presence irrelevant?

• Content – Is it current, up-to-date and typo free?

• Navigation – Is your site layed out intuitively, is it clean are there distracts to your message

• Load Time – Is the mobile site to heavy, does it take too long to connect?

• Competition – Do your competitor’s mobile site offer features or functions that yours does not, is more integrated and engaging?

Your mobile site may be the first interaction a consumer has with your business.  It needs the same attention your desktop site gets. A site that is outdated, slow, hard to navigate or doesn’t help the consumer could put out a false negative impression about your business.  For more information on creating a winning mobile strategy, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Flurry Analytics


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