Mobile Pushes Product Awareness

Mobile devices have changed the consumer buying cycle.  The need for purchase information and quest for the best deal possible has put a tremendous amount of buying power literally in the hands of shoppers.  A new report has been released that shows how smart phones affect the ways consumers seek out new products.

shutterstock_89941738• Nearly 40% of adults nationally own a smart phone

• Nearly six in 10 smart phone owners actively look for new products and information

• That’s nearly 40% higher than adults who do not own a smart phone

• 56% of smart phone owners research products via their device

• Over 30% make purchases on their smart phones at least once a month

What Does This Mean To You?

Your mobile site is an anytime, anywhere sales platform. It allows smart phone owners to research your products and services when you are top of mind. This eliminates consumers from trying to remember that thing they wanted to buy when they were at that place that one time. Smart phone owners are also valued customers who tend to make more purchases. When you compare smart phone owners to adults in general, smart phone owners are more likely to purchase:

• Electronics & computer equipment

• Furniture and mattresses

• Appliances

• Homes

• Vehicles

By effectively promoting your mobile site and m-commerce capabilities you’ll be reaching more potential customers and letting them you are open for business then they want to shop. Your mobile solution will only be as effective as your marketing strategy. Staying in front of your best prospects and reinforcing the fact you can save them time and money is key. For more information on how to efficiently promote your mobile capabilities, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Forrester; The 2012 Scarborough Multi-Market Report Release 1


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