.Mobile Functionality And Travel

In yesterday’s post, we learned that mobile travel booking may lag behind bookings through traditional computers but mobile bookers are likely to use their device again for that activity.  When it comes to travel associated activities mobile devices are used much more often.  The functions mobile travelers use and the reasons behind their activity are can be transferred to many businesses.

shutterstock_117513199• 56% of travelers used a mobile device to research travel

• Nearly half of travelers have used their device to do aspirational research

• The top reason mobile travelers used their device was because it was easily accessible – 55% of those who own a smart phone and over 60% of those who have a tablet responded that way

• The most helpful content travelers found on mobile sites was discounts (64%), photos (55%), information on activities available at destinations (47%) and reviews (38%)

• The top destination influencer was friends & family (47%), travel agency sites (40%), destination sites (32%) and Travel blogs/consumer rating sites (28%)

What Does This Mean To You?

The reasons why consumers use mobile devices and the activities they perform generally do not change from industry to industry.
• Consumers are using mobile devices to research products
• They use mobile devices because they are convenient and accessible
• Saving money is often seen as the biggest benefit
• Photos are a great engagement tool
• While friends and family hold the biggest influence, reviews are important to mobile travelers
Are you using your mobile device to capitalize on these trends?
For more information on how mobile can help you generate more revenue and create traffic, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Expedia; comScore; eMarketer


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