Social Causes Drive Sales

During the holidays, people tend to reflect upon their own good
fortune and are more likely to be charitable.  Many brands are
finding that aligning themselves with positive causes can bring
results throughout the year, not just at the holidays.  A recent report
looks at how consumers view socially responsible brands and how it
affects purchasing patterns.


Worldwide, over half of all consumers say that a brand’s association with a social purpose is a purchase trigger

• Since 2010, the number of global consumers who say social purposes cause them to make a brand purchase has increased by nearly 30%

• Nearly half of consumers make a purchase from cause supporting brands on a monthly basis

• The number of shoppers who make monthly purchases from cause supporting brands has increased 47% since 2010

What Does This Mean To You?

Supporting good causes helps to increase your awareness and how you
are viewed. When looking to get involved with social causes, there are
several avenues your business can pursue.  You can get involved in annual campaigns, event related causes or calendar-based charitable opportunities.
You can also look to locally or nationally-based causes.  Getting involved with locally-based causes may be the most beneficial to your organization.  Besides helping out a cause or charity that may not get nationally support but is doing great things, the fact that it is local will increase affinity towards your brand.  Consumers feel more connected to local causes and can see the differences being made. When choosing a cause or campaign, you should avoid anything that is too political.  By nature, political causes are very divisive and may actually cost you customers.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look at how socially responsible brands are viewed by consumers.  For more information about partnering with great local causes, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Edelman; eMarketer



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