Searching For Better Health

Search engines have become the starting point for most internet users.
In fact, 56% of adults and nearly three-quarters of internet users
nationwide have used a search engine in the past 30 days.  Several
studies have been released that looks at the role search engines play in
online health information.

shutterstock_55976134• Eight in 10 internet users look online for health information

• Two-thirds of health information searchers look for diseases, over half look up treatment options and over 40% search for Doctors

• Health related searches on Google are up 47% from last year

• One-third of consumers search for specific brands of medications

• Over 90% of physicians use search engines to find health information

• Nearly one-third of moms search online for health information at least once every few days

What Does This Mean To You?

When it comes to search habits, consumers don’t go too far. 90% of
searchers click on the first listing and the vast majority don’t go past
the first page.  Also, search is important to reaching the mobile
consumer. 73% of mobile device users have utilized a search engine on
their device in the past month.   Incorporating robust search tactics
into your marketing strategy will help ensure that interested consumers
know where you are and what you offer.  For more information on how to get great results through an effective search campaign, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: GeoNeTric; CBI; The 2012 Multi-Market Scarborough Report, Release 1; DigitaHealthPulse


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