Smart Phones And Holiday Shopping

It’s no secret how big mobile is going to be this holiday season.  All
evidence points to it being a record breaking shopping period for
mobile.  A new report looks at how mobile affects holiday consumer
behavior and the items people will buy via mobile device.

shutterstock_119713633• Nearly one-third of consumers will make a purchase after seeing a mobile ad for the item

• Over six in 10 will visit a product’s webpage after seeing a mobile ad for the item

• Nearly 40% will download or redeem a coupon for the item

• Over 35% requested more information after seeing a mobile ad

• Women were more likely than men to say they purchased an item after seeing  an ad on a mobile device

• The top holiday gift items that consumers said they would buy via mobile device were electronics – including movies and music (60%), toys & games (56%), clothes (45%), flights & hotels (28%) and decorations (24%)

What Does This Mean To You?
Mobile sites are not just a luxury for businesses, they are an
imperative.  Not having a mobile site basically eliminates a large
portion of potential consumers from being exposed to your company.
Its how on-the-go consumers are learning about you, what you have to
offer and how to find you.  A good mobile site will also give them
reasons to shop your store and why they should make purchases from you
while in another location. Effective mobile solutions can help you take
business from the competition, create new customers and give you a great
means of targeting.  For more information on the many ways you can
deliver your message through mobile devices to gain a competitive
advantage, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Mojiva


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