Why Consumers Are Using Social Media For Holiday Shopping

Recently, we posted information on ways consumers are using social media during gift buying.  Today, we’ll look at the specific social media functions social networkers are using when making gift decisions.

shutterstock_20917339• Over four in 10 online consumers checked out reviews on social media when making a holiday purchase decision

• Nearly 20% looked at online wish lists

• Over 10% engaged in online discussions with social friends about things they may purchase

• Roughly one in 10 reviewed a gift recipient’s Facebook page for information or checked out photos the recipient may have placed online

• Less than 10% followed brands on social media to see what popular gifts might be, gone to pinterest to see things that the recipient might have “pinned” or looked to see what holiday gifts were trending on social media sites

• Other social media actions consumers engaged in were seeing what products had a lot of  “likes”, watched product demonstration videos or followed a gift recipient on Twitter to see what they might like as a gift

What Does This Mean To You?
Social media gives great insight into who consumers are and what they
buy.  It also can be great to promote your offerings.  With competition
as stiff as it is for the holiday dollar, what are you doing to leverage
social media?  If product reviews are important to shoppers, odds are
reviews of your business are important too.  If you haven’t  taken a
social inventory yet, you need to.  If it’s been a while since you’ve
looked at what people are saying about you online, it’s time to look
You may find that there are some good reviews that you can use as virtual testimonials.
You also may find negative postings, out of date information or
unanswered questions.  While positive comments are hidden gems that can
create new business, negative or out of date information can push
shoppers away – possibly to your competition.  Unanswered questions may
falsely portray your company as one that doesn’t care about its
customers.   For more information on how to create a social reputation that will bring you business,  please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; ConsumerSearch


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