Places Holiday Consumers Plan To Shop

Since the holidays started, it seems like all of the stores are
crowded.  But some stores are getting more traffic than others.  New
data suggests that shoppers plan to spend more money at certain types of
retailers than others.

•Over half of holiday shoppers plan to spend time in a big-box, discount retailer this holiday season

• Just over a quarter will shop at a traditional department store or an electronics retailer

Roughly 20% will spend money at an outlet center or an off-price store

• One in five will also shop at a toy store or warehouse club

15% will be spending money at a restaurant for gifts as well as home improvement and sporting goods stores

• Just over 10% will spend shop at a drug store or dollar store this holiday season

• Virtual shopping is going to remain a frequent shopping behavior. 45% of consumers plan to shop online for gifts – that’s an increase of 10% from last year

• In fact, 23% of holiday consumers plan to do the majority of their shopping online

What Does This Mean To You?

The competition for holiday dollars will continue to be stiff.  Big box stores, online retailers and outlet centers are going to be key shopping locations for holiday consumers.
Many consumers are going to be consolidating trips to conserve gasoline this year as well.  To make this the merriest of seasons you need to create offers that consumers want, promote them in media vehicles they trust & rely on and leverage every possible advantage you may have.  If your location is in a place, or near a place that attracts shoppers – promote that in your offers.
If you are going to free or discounted shopping – let consumers know about it.
If you are having an event or have special holiday offers – include it in your message.  Show shoppers how convenient doing business with you can be. For more information on how to generate great results this holiday season, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte


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