Mobile Moviegoers

Going to the movies is a time honored tradition.  Things like streaming media and on-demand programming has made going out to the movies something special.  Economic conditions have also made going out to the movies something of a treat.  Moviegoers don’t want to waste time or money on a film that may not be something they want to see.  Mobile is one of the tools they are using to make sure a trip to the cinema is worth it, Recently a study has been released that shows how much moviegoers rely on mobile.

• One in five regular moviegoers always consult a mobile site or app before picking a movie to watch in a theater

• 10% visit most of the time

• Nearly 40% sometimes check mobile resources before buying a ticket

• 17% rarely visit and 16% never check mobile functions before deciding a movie to see

What Does This Mean To You?

Nearly one in three regular moviegoers utilizes mobile technology before they purchase a ticket for a movie.  This speaks volumes about how mobile affects the purchase cycle.  Mobile devices have become consumer’s on-the-go research department.  With so many consumers forming buying decisions based on mobile websites, apps, mobile search, mobile social presences and reviews – you need to make sure your businesses mobile site is something that will help bring you results.
Is the site easy to navigate?
Can users easily find contact information and location?
Are you promoting any positive reviews?
Do you offer any mobile coupons or offers?
Don’t let your mobile strategy cost you customers, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; IAB


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