Smart Phone Holiday Shoppers Will Spend More

Every day more research is released that point to mobile having a huge affect on holiday shopping in 2012.  A recent report showed that on average, consumers are planning to spend roughly $600 on gifts this year.  New information has just come out that shows smart phone owners are planning to spend much more than those who do not own smart devices.

• Nearly seven in 10 smart phone owners plan to use their device to shop this holiday season

• Smart phone owners expect to spend more than $1,400 on gifts this year

• Over 60% will use their devices to find store locations

• Nearly six in 10 will compare gift prices on their smart phone

• Half will look up product information

What Does This Mean To You?

This holiday season it is important to do more than just embrace mobile shopping.  While there is a danger in “showrooming”, mobile offers your business a wealth of opportunities to create revenue.
Besides that, consumers have become so reliant on their devices that avoiding mobile because of “showrooming” will hurt your business in the long run.
Because mobile is so valuable, it’s important that you stay on top of new functionality and solutions that are available.
When was the last time you audited your company’s mobile offerings?
How difficult is to find your contact and location information?
Do the pictures display well?
Are product reviews and descriptions available?
Have you watched customers try to make a mobile purchase or navigate your mobile site?
Mobile is growing at such a rapid pace and convenience is the main driver of why consumers depend on mobile so heavily.  If your competitor’s site offers a better user experience, it could cost you dales or customer traffic.  For more information on how to generate better results through mobile devices, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte


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