Shoppers Coming Back to Black Friday

Yesterday’s post looked at the number of people who planned to shop digitally on Thanksgiving Day and their disdain for in-store shopping on Thanksgiving.  Today, we’ll look at the Super Bowl of in-store shopping – Black Friday.  New research suggests that shopping on Black Friday will make a comeback this year.

• Over half of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday,

• From 2011 to 2012, the number of consumers who plan to shop on Black Friday has increased by 20%

• Nearly 30% said they are very likely to hit the stores – that marks a jump of nearly 50% from 2011

• One in four shoppers said they were unlikely to be in the stores the day after Thanksgiving

• Last year, 35% of shoppers said they were not likely to shop on Black Friday

• 40% of consumers plan to spend more on Black Friday this year vs. last year

What Does This Mean To You?

Black Friday shopping looks to be on the rebound after three years of being down. How are you planning to get shoppers into your locations? What kind of offers are you promoting? Are you monitoring what the competition is doing? Many consumers are in the stores well before the break of dawn on Black Friday.
Creating graduated, time based offers can get shoppers into your stores early and help you get a bigger share of their holiday spend.  Developing special Black Friday desktop and mobile sites can help you generate excitement about what you have to offer. Since many holiday shoppers are more likely to be charitable this time of year, creating a program where a portion of sales goes to charitable organizations might be something that gives you an advantage over the competition. This may especially be true because of Superstorm Sandy.  Black Friday is an important shopping day for most businesses.  It not only may make you profitable, it also is a chance to create new customers that will do business with you for the rest of the year.  For more information on getting more business throughout the holidays, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Accenture;


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