How Important Are Discounts To Holiday Shoppers?

The economy remains to be a challenge for many consumers.  Couple that with the devastation in New York & New Jersey and many people are really feeling things tighten up.  While shoppers are always looking for the best possible price – this year it could be extra important. A new report looks at how important discounts and sales are consumers this holiday season.

• Over 80% of shoppers feel that discounts and sales are important in making buying decisions for holiday gifts.

• Nearly 60% say it is very important

• Only 6% say that discounts and sales are not important at all

• Over three-quarters of shoppers expect that at least half of the holiday gifts they buy will be at a discounted price

• Nearly one in 6 say that everything they buy for the holidays will be on sale

What Does This Mean To You?

Very simply, you need to promote your offers.
You also need to compare what you sales are with the competition.
Shoppers are out looking for the best deal and not knowing what your
direct competitors are doing puts you at a disadvantage.  Think about
the number of ways that you can discount, it don’t always mean you are
devaluing your wares.  Things like free or discounted shipping and
expanded savings with extended spending can counteract the affect of
straight discounting.  Consumers just want to maximize their savings.
Also think about how you are going to get your offers and message in
front of consumers.
Look at strategies that deliver the most efficient and effective solutions possible.
For more information on how to utilize solutions that keep your offers
top of mind and deliver the highest return on investment,, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Accenture


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