Mobile Shoppers This Holiday Season

Mobile technology has given businesses a great many tools to create traffic and increase sales.  It’s also given rise to “showrooming”.  “Showrooming” is the practice of shopping in a store, but making the purchase online – from either that retailer or a competitor.  Recently, we had a post showing just how prevalent “showrooming” was going to be this holiday season and some ways you can combat it.  Another study is out that looks at “showrooming” and when mobile shoppers plan to shop.

• 50% of mobile consumers said they would shop on Thanksgiving Day if they received discounts

• Over half plan to shop via mobile device on Black Friday – this is an increase of 20% over last year

• More than one-third were likely to shop on Cyber Monday

• 45% of Cyber Monday shoppers plan to shop then because of free
shipping offers

• Four in 10 Cyber Monday shoppers think they will get the best online deals available on that day

• Nearly 40% of mobile consumers who plan to shop on Cyber Monday are doing so to avoid crowds

What Does This Mean To You?

he holidays might seem like a sprint for consumers, but for businesses
it can be more of a marathon.  Traditional shoppers have always
gravitated towards benchmark days for shopping such as Black Friday.
Mobile technology has given consumers more power and has made it more
convenient to shop for the holidays.  Mobile also gives you the ability
to segment sales and target consumers.  Even if you don’t offer an
ecommerce or mcommerce solution – you can benefit from mobile.
Digital Coupons – Since so many consumers are mobile first with email,
you can develop an mobile coupon strategy that will drive shoppers into
your location

Permission Based SMS/Text Campaigns – Texting
is no longer for just kids and teens.  Texting is actually the biggest
non-voice mobile activity that moms engage in.  Sending relevant offers
via text is another tool that can create location traffic.

The ability to target offers is one of the biggest benefits mobile can offer your business.  You can create offers and deliver them to specific individuals based on
demographic information, prior buying trends and geo-location.
Geo-location is something to really pay attention to.  Since holiday
shoppers are so pressed for time, you can promote your offers to people
who are in your general area and get them into your stores.  For more
information on how mobile can bring you business this holiday season , please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Accenture


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