Moms Are Mobile First

In the past, moms might not have been early tech adopters, but mobile has changed all that.  Mobile helps them save time, money and stay in touch with their families.  These factors are making them mobile first consumers.  New research has come available that shows how prevalent smart phones are with moms and the tasks they perform with their devices.

• Six in 10 moms nationally own a smart phone, moms are nearly 40% more likely than total consumers to be smart phone owners

• Year over year, the number of moms who have a smart phone has increased by almost 70%

• The top smart phone function used by moms is texting – 86% of moms are texters

• Over six in 10 moms use the mobile web

• More than half utilize social networks on their smart phone

• Three in 10 use their mobile device for banking functions

• One in four use their smart phone to shop

What Does This Mean To You?

Moms dependence on mobile devices gives your business a great way to
create one to one connections and generate customer loyalty.
With so
many moms texting, permission based SMS programs may bean effective way
to increase engagement with current customers as part of a loyalty
program. Mobile web and social networking activities by moms also
provide valuable touch points. With nearly one-third of moms currently
banking via mobile device – they may be more apt to adopting mobile
payments. Mobile payments may be the next big function that smart phones
become the go-to device for. Moms can help your business in many ways
and smart phones are an efficient way of reaching them. For more
information on creating loyal customers out of moms and families through
mobile, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer;; Arbitron; Edison Research


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