How Many Consumers Are “Showrooming”?

Many businesses have concerns about “showrooming” – the practice where consumers find and compare products at brick and mortar stores and use that information to make better online purchases.  A new research study has been released that shows how extensive the practice is among mobile shoppers.

• Over 40% of tablet and smart phone owners have researched products in a stores but purchased the item online

• Among those who showroomed nearly 30% will always or often purchase online

• The majority of “showroomers” purchased items at a lower price

• The top categories of merchandise that was “showroomed” was home electronics (50%) and tech devices (44%)

• Four in ten “showroomers” purchased entertainment items such as books, DVDs and CDs

• 31% purchased apparel and 29% bought shoes

• Nearly one in four purchased traditional computers

What Does This Mean To You?

The holidays are responsible for up to 40% of many businesses total sales. As we head into the holidays, you should ask yourself – How is my business prepared for “Showrooming”? There are many things you can do to keep sales instead of losing them to online competitors.

• Price Matching – The ability to have it the same day, instead of waiting for shipping, can be a powerful incentive

• Free or Reduced Shipping – Very often shipping charges are exceedingly high.  Free shipping was the top purchase determiner last holiday season among online shoppers.  If you can’t offer free shipping consider discounted shipping dependent on the amount of money spent

• Free/Expedited Set up, Delivery and Disposal – These are charges that many online shoppers don’t realize until they are making the purchase.  At that point, they are already out of the physical store and who knows if they will return.

• Easy Return and Exchange – Returning gift items can often be a nuisance.  Returning or exchanging gifts purchased online can be downright excruciating.  Promoting an quick and easy return and exchange policy can be a something that turns a shopper into a buyer

Competition for shoppers will be fierce this holiday season.  Keeping shoppers engaged  from the time they step in the door to the time they finish the purchase is important.  Make sure your staff is aware of the benefits you offer customers who make in-store purchases.  For more information on using digital tools to increase in-store shopping, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Sacramento Bee;; Harris Interactive


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