Mobile Improving The In-Store Shopping Experience

One of the reasons mobile devices have been so quickly adopted by
consumers is the convenience these devices deliver.  Convenience is
something that shoppers crave as well. They want to get into stores,
make purchases, pick up items and be on their way as quickly and
easily as possible.  There are many digital tools that will assist them
in these endeavors.  A new research report has been released that
shows what companies across the country are doing to improve
in-store shopping.  This information can help you create a winning
mobile strategy.

• Eight in 10 retailers employ mobile
geo-location to help shoppers find stores

• Nearly two-thirds have geo-location options to find specific products using mobile sites

• One-third offer instore pickup after mobile purchasing

• Almost two-thirds of retailers allow customer to make purchases online and make in-store returns

• Nearly 60% of retailers give customers the ability to buy in store and have merchandise shipped directly to them or someone else

• Just over half let customers make online purchases and then do in-store pickup

• Over 40% stores have mobile purchasing options

• One in five stores now offer social commerce

 What Does This Mean To You?

Competition for shoppers is fierce and digital tools can give you an advantage over other stores.
Putting these tools in place is important, but what are you doing to tell shoppers about them.  Shoppers are bound to be cost conscious this holiday season but they are also mindful of time and effort. After all, time is one thing you cannot purchase more of.  Be sure to promote any digital tools you offer along with your offers.  Digital tools will also give you the ability to build up a database. This information can be very use for in creating relevant communication with customers.  The more you can target an offer, the more successful your offers will be.  please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; e-tailing group; Retail Spectrums Research


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