Men, Women And Mobile Purchases

Yesterday’s post talked the kinds of shopping activities that men and women are engaged in.  Today, we’ll look at the types of products they purchase on mobile devices.  The portability of mobile devices is bound to affect the types of products both men and women purchase.  This holiday season is going to be shaped by mobile shopping. By paying attention to shopping trend information, you help ensure a profitable holiday season.

Top mobile purchases made by men:

• Consumer electronics – 27%

• Movie and event tickets – 23%

• Food & drinks – 13%

• Computer equipment – 13%

• Office supplies – 8%

• Luxury goods – 6%

• Health & beauty items – 4%

Top mobile purchases made by women

• Movie and event tickets – 11%

• Health & beauty items – 8%

• Food & Drinks – 8%

• Consumer electronics – 8%

• Computer equipment – 5%

• Office supplies – 4%

 What Does This Mean To You?

What is your current mobile strategy?
What percentage of your shoppers own smart phones?
What mobile tactics can you employ that will boost business this holiday season? Mobile offers your company a world of opportunity to connect with consumers, help them research products & companies, deliver offers and facilitate purchases.  Mobile loyalty programs can help strengthen your relationship with existing customers.  With current economic challenges and low consumer sentiment, mobile can be your most powerful tool in creating strong holiday sales.  For more information on how to deploy a winning mobile campaign, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; USamp


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