Mobile To Increase Influence This Holiday Season

Last holiday season was a breakout period for mobile and this year mobile looks to have an even bigger impact.   More than half of all cell phone owners have a smart phone and tablet sales continue to climb.  Combine that with all of the apps and mobile enabled shopping tools, and it’s bound to be a banner mobile-ly engaged holiday season.

• It’s estimated that 5% of total in-store sales will be influenced by mobile – that’s $36 billion in shopping

• Shoppers who come to stores with a smart phone are 14% more likely to make an in-store purchase than those without a smart phone

• Total holiday sales are only expected to have a modest growth 3.5% to 4%.  Out of store sales are forecast to jump 15 % to 17%

• 75% of out of store sales are expected to come from online and mobile shopping

 What Does This Mean To You?

As important as mobile was last year, it’s even more important this year.  Last year, it was just important to have a mobile site.  That was the shallow end of the pool.  Mobile shoppers today want to take full advantage of their devices and your business needs to be ready.  Shoppers armed with mobile devices will be well informed of what your offers are and the offers your competitors have out in the market. You need to make sure your sales staff are as up to speed as your customers are.  For more information on how to take full advantage of all the functions mobile has to offer, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Deloitte


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