Social Travelers And Reviews

Last week, we posted information on how tourism and travel has been affected by social media. Just like movies and restaurants, reviews by vacationers can be a make or break tool for vacationers and business travelers.  A new study looked how travelers are not only posting reviews but also paying attention to them.

• 46% of travelers post hotel reviews after they get back from vacation

• Four in 10 will post a restaurant review

• Over three-quarters of travelers will post vacation photos on social networks after they return

• 55% of social networkers have “liked” a Facebook page specific to vacations

 What Does This Mean To You?

As we everyone has become busier and the economy continues to be challenging,  people are taking less vacation time. So they want to make sure the time off they have is well spent.  This means they will be doing more research and paying attention to the opinions of others.  While regular customers may put up with the occasional customer service issue, travelers and vacationers are often a one shot deal.  You often will not get a second chance to make up for a bad experience.  This is why reputation management is important.  Think of the effect of a bad review  – because these customers may never be back in your area to patronize your establishment again, it will look like an unresolved issue.  Unresolved issues on social media are what keeps other consumers from shopping at your store, dining at your restaurant, visiting your establishment and buying your goods and services. For more information on reputation management solutions that can bring you more business,please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: WAYN for the World Travel & Tourism Council; Sticky Media; Tripl;



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