Social Decision Making And Travel

Social media has become a major influencer on what products and services people buy.  Social Media is also becoming an influence on where people travel, the way they get to their destination and where they stay once they arrive.

• Over half of Facebook users said their friend’s photos inspired their vacation and travel plans

• Among adults who used social media to research travel plans, less than half used their original plans

• One-third of travelers changed the hotel they planned to stay at and 10% changed their resort choice after researching via social media

• 7% changed their destination completely

• 5% decided to book a flight on a different airline

 What Does This Mean To You?

We’ve had several posts on how much influence social media has on where people shop.  It now looks like it’s causing changes in how people plan their vacations. This is why your social reputation is important no matter what industry you are in.  Consumers make decisions based on the opinions of others.  Good reviews and positive comments are virtual testimonials and worth their weight in gold – as long as they are organic.  Bad reviews will steer prospective customers to your competition.  For more information on tools that can help your business create, maintain and foster a winning social reputation,


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