Hospitality Industry And Digital Tools

There have been volumes of data published on how digital tools
affect retail sales.  Travel was one of the first industries affected,
now new digital tools like mobile and social are changing the ways
consumers make travel decisions.  There is new research available
that shows how just how rapidly hospitality consumers are moving
towards these technologies.

Nearly 40% of 10 US travelers will access a social network while on a trip, nearly two-thirds of international travelers will do the same

• Among socially networking travelers, nearly one-third of US travelers and one-fifth of international travelers frequently blog about their experiences

• 85% of leisure travelers use their smart phone while on a trip

• 30% of consumers have used a mobile app to find deals on a hotel

• 29% of travelers have used a mobile app to find deals on a flight

 What Does This Mean To You?

Travelers can be a good revenue stream for many different types of businesses – not just hotels, airlines and rental cars.  Mobile devices have given travelers the tools to find and patronize all kinds of local businesses.  Your company may already be seeing business from travelers without even knowing it.
Across the country, travelers are much more likely than the general public to own mobile devices and access social networks with them.

• 54% of airline travelers own a mobile device and 27% have accessed a social network on their device

• Over half of adults who stayed in a hotel own a mobile device

• 56% of adults who rented a vehicle own a mobile device and nearly 30% accessed a social network mobile-ly

For more information on how mobile technology can help you develop new revenue streams, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: WAYN for the World Travel & Tourism Council; Sticky Media; Tripl;


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