Attracting High End Shoppers

Yesterday, we talked about the value of a loyalty program in engaging the wealthy shopper.  Today, we’ll look at what digital features experts think attract affluent customers.  A new report chronicled the functions that luxury advertisers plan on increasing use of this year. This information can help you gain the attention of upper end shoppers and get results.

• Nearly 70% of luxury brands plan on using more video and mobile to reach affluent shoppers

• Nearly half will employ social media

• 45% will deploy rich media solutions

• Nearly 30% are going to be increasing their investment in search

• One in six will be moving more assets to standard online display positions

 What Does This Mean To You?

In yesterday’s post, we showed you the amount of adults who have mobile devices.  High income consumers are very tech savvy.
Nationally, among consumers with Household incomes of $75,000+:

• Nearly two-thirds are social networkers

• Over 30% accessed a social network from their mobile device in the past month

• 87% shopped online in the past year – that’s nearly 40% higher than the general public

• They are also 42% more likely to make an online purchase

• Nearly one in four read or contributed to a blog

• Four in 10 viewed video clips online

• Over 70% are texters

There are many digital devices that affluent shoppers rely on.  For more information on using them to create awareness and visibility for your business, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Martini Media; Digiday; The 2012 Scarborough Multi-Market Report, Release 1


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