Building Loyalty With Affluent Shoppers

Upper end shoppers are a highly sought after commodity.  They have the resources to not only make large purchases, they are often more easily financed and value quality service. Mobile is a great way to engage affluent shoppers and create awareness of everything you have to offer.  New information is available that tells us not only how prevalent mobile devices are with high end shoppers but what they are looking for in mobile apps.

Over half of adults with incomes of $75,000 – $100,000 own smart phones and over 20% own
a tablet.  Smart phone ownership is nearly 10%
than the general population and tablet ownership
is 19% higher

• Six in 10 adults with incomes of $100,000+ are smart phone owners and 27% have tablets. These extremely affluent shoppers are 25% more likely to own a smart phone and over 40% more likely to be tablet owners

• 46% of adults with household incomes of $150,000 or higher are looking for loyalty program features from the mobile apps they download.  45% want early access to sales.

• Nearly 40% want exclusive product updates or offers for those who downloaded the app

• 36% are interested in product sneak peaks, high quality video and VIP privileges

• Over 30% want to be able to make mobile purchases and easy access to customer service

• Other things that affluent shoppers are looking for are customization based on personal preferences, peer recommendations and exclusive information

 What Does This Mean To You?

The keys to connecting with the high dollar consumer start with making them feel privileged.  They want to be able see, buy and know about products and sales before anyone else.  They also want services regular customers can’t get.  These are the same things that consumers who are more likely to be in the average income range would also appreciate.  They are also things that an overall loyalty program can achieve.  Loyalty programs also give you the ability to communicate directly with customers – and because they signed up for the program, it’s valued content to them.  You can also segment your offers with loyalty programs.  This plays into the customization that consumers are looking for. Offers that are more targeted towards the needs of consumers deliver better results. For more information on how you can develop customer loyalty and then influence additional sales,  please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: emarketer; Luxury Institute and Plastic Mobile; comScore


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