Social Media Influences Impluse Purchasing

Social media continues to evolve as a marketing and sales tool.  Originally, it was seen as a way to create awareness and organizational branding.  Then it moved into an instrument that helps companies connect with consumers.  The next step was brand evangelism – where brand fans become an extension of the company’s marketing department.  Social media is beginning to become a revenue stream with social retailing.  Now, new research is showing that social media is affecting now affecting sales by influencing impulse sales.

• In the past two years, the number of consumers who follow brands on social media has more than doubled

• 36% of consumers who follow a retailer on social media said that updates from that retailer had let them to try a new product

• One in six consumers made a purchase from a particular brand because their friends or family follow a that brand on social media.  This includes nearly one in four shoppers under 35

• More than one in five shoppers have been motivated to make an unplanned purchase because of social media

• 15% said that social media postings caused them to spend more than they planned at a retailer

What Does This Mean To You?

Social media offers your company a wide variety of tools and options.
From the ability to target shoppers, create loyal customers and increase
your awareness.  Social media is now developing as a way to direct sales
of a particular item and increase per trip sales. We are now starting the
busiest time of the year for retailers and social media can help you have
the best holiday sales season possible.
Here are just a few ways you can utilize social media during the holidays:

• Create an “insiders” twitter feed and fan page on  social entities with
special pricing

• Offer free or discounted shipping tied to a loyalty program to those who “like” or follow you on social media – Last year, Free shipping was mentioned as the top reason consumers chose on retailer over another for holiday shopping

• Reward consumers who give positive social media feedback about your business.  These offers can range from discounts to gifts with purchase or early/late convenience shopping programs

The fact is that consumers are using social media and the more you promote your social offerings, the more you optimize your social marketing and the more integrate them into your total marketing campaign – the better off your business will be.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look into other digital tools that are influencing where people are shopping.  For more information on how to grow your business and have a great holiday season through social media, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: The Ryan Partnership; Ipsos


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