Smart Phones And Coupon Use

Mobile technology has rapidly evolved from the brick phone of the 90’s, to the flip phone of the early 2000’s, to the smart phones of today.  The size is not the only thing that changed, the number of things that we use them for has incrementally increased.  New research shows that helping consumers save money is one of the latest capabilities smart phones are now doing.

How have smart phone owners used their device in the past month?

• Over in five have accessed a coupon via email

• Nearly 20% compared deals

• Approximately one in six downloaded a coupon

• 15% downloaded a savings app

• 15% also used a discount code they got from a text message

• Just over 10% looked for deals through social media

What Does This Mean To You?

Look at your customer base, how many have mobile devices?
How many are using them in your store?
Smart phones are a great way to target your customers through a device they have with them an incredibly large amount of time.
Mobile devices give your customers an easy way to store and redeem coupons & offers from your business.  It’s fairly easy to forget to keep your coupons or misplace them.  But consumers tend keep a closer watch on their smart phones.  For more information on delivering effective messages to consumers through mobile devices, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: RedPlum


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