Smart Phones And Travel

There isn’t much that you can’t do on a mobile device anymore.  From seeing what’s going on with friends, to finding a great new recipe for dinner, to finding that hot holiday toy will be before they sell out at stores – smart phones put the world in the palm of your hand.  Travel is one of the things that mobile devices, smart phones in particular, are going have a major effect on in the future.  There is a new research study out that shows big smart phone travel research and booking will be.

• Nearly 80% of travelers take their smart phones with them on vacation and use it all the time

• Just 2% leave their smart phones at home when traveling

• This year it is estimated that 30% of online travel researchers will use their smart phones to find information on taking trips.  That equates to over 36 million travelers

• Nearly 16 million consumers will use their smart phone to book a trip – that’s just over 15% of all online travel bookers

• By 2016, the number of mobile travel researchers will double to over 70 million consumers.  That’s more than half of all online travel researchers

• The number of adults booking travel via smart phone is forecast to grow to
over 36 million consumers and will equal one-third of all adults who book
travel online

What Does This Mean To You?

The effect of mobile on the travel extends beyond just tourist destinations or hotels and resorts.
Consumers are bringing their phones with them and it’s the quickest and easiest ways to find out about the places they are going.  Think about your own vacations.  Things like finding a restaurant, what to do with the kids on a rainy day or what the weather might be are concerns that most travelers have and they can give your business an opportunity to mobile-ly cash in on travelers.  For more information on how mobile devices can help you develop new customers and revenue streams, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Prosper Insights


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