Moms, Dads And Grocery Shopping Habits

Going to the grocery store is a weekly chore that has traditionally been
one of the many things that moms have done.  But new research has
recently been released that shows dads are becoming a more involved in
family food shopping.  And, like most other things, moms and dads have
different techniques when it comes to buying the families groceries.

More than 80% of moms say they are the primary grocery shopper in the family.  But, over half of dads said they now have assumed primary food shopping responsibilities

• Over half of dads plan meals for the week ahead of time, 46% of moms do the same

• Nearly a quarter of dads research grocery purchases before purchasing, 11% of moms investigate food products before buying

• Roughly one in three dads say when they shop they get in and get out as quick as possible, just 20% of moms shop with that amount of urgency

• Almost one in five dads say they can grocery shop in less than a half hour, less than 10% of moms say the can finish food shopping in less than a half hour

What Does This Mean To You?

Men are becoming a bigger part of many family purchase activities.
53% of men say they have a bigger influence on grocery items now than in the past few years.
When marketing items to families, don’t forget about dad.  Women are
still the primary shoppers and control the majority of the spending, but
dads are gaining influence.
Dads are more likely than moms to value convenience.  While choosy moms might choose a particular brand of peanut butter, dads are more likely to
grab whatever they can to finish shopping before kickoff.  The shopping that moms and dads are doing is probably much different.  Dads may be sent to
the store for a targeted list of items, moms are more likely to handle the larger, more general weekly grocery trip.  For more information on engaging families and influencing the male audience, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Cone Communications


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