Following The Mobile Money

Businesses worldwide are continuing to invest in mobile technologies to reach consumers and sell more goods & services.  There are many different types of  marketing tools that your business can deploy to improve results.  A new report has been released that shows what types of mobile marketing companies are currently using and will be spending money on in the future.

• US companies will spend over $2.6 billion on mobile advertising this year, that’s an increase of over 80% from last year

• In 2016, mobile spending will approach nearly $12 billion

• Nearly half of all mobile spending, almost $1.3 billion, will be done on search.  By 2016, spending on search will eclipse $5.5 billion

• Over 40% of mobile ad spending this year will be done on display.  Rich media ads are the top type of display ads purchased.  Nearly $500 million will be spent on mobile rich media display advertising

• Banner ads are the second most popular mobile display ads with over $450 million being spent on them this year.  In 2016, spending on them will top $2 billion

• Mobile video ads are poised to see the biggest jump.  Last year, $68 million was spent on mobile video ads.  This year, that number is forecast to jump 122% to over $150 million.  Next year, spending on mobile video advertising is expected to nearly double to over $300 million and hit over $1.18 billion by 2016

• This year, mobile video made up 14% of mobile display spending and 6% of total mobile spending.  In 2016, mobile video will increase its importance and make up 20% of mobile display spending and 10% of total mobile spending

What Does This Mean To You?

Creating a sound mobile strategy is pivotal in your success.  Part of that is knowing where your competitors will be putting their dollars.  It’s a good bet they will be doing some kind of mobile marketing.  Since so much money is going to be spent on search, you need to develop sound SEO tactics.  Search is one of the top ways that consumers find local businesses.  Video is also very important,  consumers are extremely engaged with mobile video.  For more information on how to develop a mobile strategy that helps you gain a competitive advantage, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer


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