Top Tactics Used By Small Businesses

No business can afford to engage in marketing tactics that don’t yield
results.  Small businesses, in particular, don’t have much room for
error.  A new research study has been released that chronicles what
marketing practices are providing the best returns for small businesses.

• Over 80% of small companies say that email marketing is effective.  Over 70% say their website provides them results and more than two-thirds cite in-person interactions as successful

• Nearly half of say that social media efforts have been successful.  B2C based small businesses have seen more success with social media than B2B companies

• Over 40% of organizations report that events have delivered results

• One-third say that phone efforts are important marketing tactics, half of B2B companies rely on phone based lead generation

• Over one in five B2C companies have gotten success public relations efforts, direct mail and traditional

What Does This Mean To You?

Email marketing gives you the ability to create one to one interactions
and excellent targeting strategies.  Creating loyalty using email can be
tricky.  There are rules and regulations regarding you can and cannot
send email to.  Not knowing the rules can prove very expensive.
Violations of spam laws can cost your company up to $18,000 per
violation.  It can also cost you your reputation with customers.  The
last thing you want is the reputation as a spammer.  For more
information on how to create effective, efficient email campaigns that
will not run afoul of regulations, please contact your Sun Sentinel
representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Constant Contact


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