Consumers Rely On Search

The web is a vast resource.  It’s the place most consumers start when looking
for data.  As a business, you need to make it a priority that consumers
can easily find information about your company. With so many records
available, making sure your business natively rises to the top of the
heap can be a challenge.

• Over 60% of consumers use search engines on a daily basis, another 21% use them fairly often

• Less than 5% of adults nationally rarely or never use search engines

• Over 60% of consumers said they can easily find the information they need on search engines about half the time

• Over 25% say they always easily find what they need •

• Nearly 90% of consumers say that non-relevant sites show up when they are searching

• Females are more likely than males to use search engines on a daily basis

• Men are slightly more likely than women to always easily find what they need on search engines

What Does This Mean To You

It’s very important that your organization be easily found on the web. Very few searchers look beyond the first page.  In fact, most contact the first listing.
When was the last time you reviewed at your search results?
Are you the first listing?
If consumers have a hard time finding your company, what is the likelihood they will visit your site?
How many different listings from competitive companies have they seen?
With so many searches being performed via mobile device, are you losing physical floor traffic because of your search strategy?

Among Broward And Palm Beach County adults:

• Over 1.3 million adults have visited a search engine in the past month

• Nearly 690,000 have visited a search engine via mobile device in the past 30 days

Search should be part of overall marketing strategy, robust search tactics will help ensure that your message is being seen.   For more information on how to effectively utilize search to grow your business, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; AYTM; The 2011 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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