Mobile Banners Deliver

It is estimated that businesses will spend over $2.6 billion in mobile ad spending this year with one-third going towards mobile banners and rich media.  Companies aren’t just making these big investments in mobile just because smart phone adoption continues to rise – they are doing it because mobile ads perform. Mobile banners, in particular, are an ad unit that tends to connect companies and consumers.

• Mobile banners had a clickthrough rate (CTR) of .87 during the first half of 2012 across the US

• Standard banner ads viewed on a PC had a CTR of .10.  The CTR for expandable rich media banners was .18 and polite rich media banners came in at .12

• Clickthrough rates for all rich media ads vary greatly by industry.
Globally, the top 5 clickthrough rates by industry were:
› Entertainment – .33
› Tech/Internet – .30
› Health/Beauty – .30
› Careers – .27
› Telecom – .27

What Does This Mean To You

No matter what industry your business is a segment of or what ad types you invest in, you need to ensure that you messages are engaging consumers. Clickthrough rates are one form that can be measured.  There is also dwell rate (a measure based on percentage of users that may hover over your rich media message but not click on it) and average dwell time (the average number of seconds consumers spend hovering over a rich media unit).  Any metric that you employ should be balanced against your target audience.
Is it more beneficial to reach a large number of consumers or a smaller audience that is more likely to be your best prospects?
The more efficient you can make your advertising campaign the better.
The starting point for any campaign should be at minimum two questions –
Who is my target audience?
What are my actionable goals/objectives?
Creating your campaign and making a media investment with these two things in mind will help you create clear communications, effective marketing campaigns and you can measure your campaign’s success.
But there is one thing to keep in mind –
Everyone is not a target audience and make more money is not an
actionable objective.
Think in more quantifiable terms.
For more information on creating engagement and campaign development, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; MediaMind


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