Tech-Centric Moms

Moms have a tough job and deserve all the help they can get.  Recently, we’ve done posts on the social tools that moms use and actions taken after employing them.  Long gone are the days when moms didn’t understand
the latest technologies.  In fact, nearly 85% of women with children in their household have gone online in the past month.  There is a new research
study that looks at the devices moms use.  The wide range of digital
devices moms employ gives you more ways to connect with them and
promote your products.

• 99% of moms regularly use a laptop or desktop computer, 98% own a digital camera

• 85% own an MP3 player

• Over 80% of moms own a smart phone

• Over three-quarters have video game console in the home and almost 60% have a hand-held video game

• 56% of moms own a tablet

• Nearly half own a function based mobile phone

• 49% have an Ereader

What Does This Mean To You?

The multitude of devices gives you lots of device based targeting options.
Nearly every mom has access to a desktop or laptop computer, targeting them through content ensures that you are effectively creating engagement.  Through the use of networks, you can efficiently get your message across to moms who are in your market.
Moms are much more likely than the market to own smart phones.  There are many mobile tools you can put into play to create awareness with moms. There are mobile sites, SMS/Text and QR codes to name just a few.  But also remember because so many people access their email on a mobile device before their regular computer – email is another touch point. A large percentage of consumers conduct searches on mobile devices to find local businesses, this makes SEO another important mobile tactic.  Video is also becoming a mobile favorite and consumers tend to watch product-based mobile videos.  Tablet technology is rapidly expanding and it is mobile shoppers preferred device to make mobile purchases.  Utilizing apps that appeal to moms keeps you front and center with them.  For more information on strategies to leverage dollars from online moms, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: emarketer; BlogHer


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