Actions Taken By Social Moms

Recently, we displayed new research that showed blogs were mom’s most trusted social source of information.  Today, we’ll look at what actions moms take because of the information they find on blogs.  Moms, often being the keepers of the family finances, are not only a great consumer segment – they have a large influence of most major purchases.

• Over 60% of online moms read a book that was recommended on a blog

• 56% purchased a food product that was advocated

• 54% watched a TV program after a suggestion was given

• Nearly half bought a baby toy that was suggested on a mom blog

• 45% purchased a toy after advice from a blog

• Over four in 10 forwarded a post to a friend

What Does This Mean To You?

Moms are not just looking for advice and information; they are also
acting on what they find.  Because they are actively looking for
information and pass that information, the opinions that moms have could
impact your business. Their social activity means they have a large
circle of influence.  As a business you should look for opportunities to
use moms in testimonials and reward them for sharing positive
information about your brand or company.  For more information on engaging moms and the most cost effective ways to create loyal shoppers among them, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager


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