Why Some Mobile Campaigns Don’t Perform

Advertising is an investment in your company. You need to keep your
brand top of mind with consumers -so when the need arises, they contact
you for goods or services.  Making an investment in a mobile campaign is
a wise decision because of how much consumers now depend on mobile
devices.  Knowing the reasons why consumers don’t interact with certain
ads can help you not make bad decisions and keep your mobile investment
paying dividends.

• Over 40% of consumers said they did not interact with a mobile ad was because it was not relevant to them.  This lack of relevance was the top reason why there was no interaction

• Nearly four in 10 did not interact with a mobile ad because it did not appeal to them

• Over 30% ignored a mobile ad because they thought it might be spam

• One in five chose not to click on an ad because they were unsure of its source

• Less than 5% did not engage an ad because it did not work on their phone

What Does This Mean To You

Everything comes down to targeting your message.
Make sure the audience you want to reach uses the vehicles you are
messaging through.
Proper targeting will help you create the most effective and efficient campaigns possible and maximize the advertising investment you are making.   In yesterday’s post, we talked about creating valuable offers – targeting your offer will help ensure the audience sees value.  For more information on reaching the targets that your business needs results from, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: HipCricket 2012


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