Top Types Of Mobile Engagement

Over the last few days, we’ve looked at mobile shopping trends and the types of mobile ads consumers viewed.  Today, we’ll take a deeper dive and show the types of interactions mobile consumers are involved with.

• Nearly 40% of mobile consumers clicked or tapped on a mobile ad units

• Over 30% redeemed a mobile coupon

• Nearly three in 10 clicked on a sponsored link in a text message or downloaded an app that was advertised

• 28% of consumers had engaged with a mobile ad to earn coupons or rewards

• One in four visited a mobile website as a result of a mobile ad

What Does This Mean To You

When creating a campaign or marketing message, how much time do you spend developing your offer? The offer is one of the most important components in the success of your campaign.
Ask yourself, will the target audience find it valuable?
Are they willing to bypass your competitors to purchase from you?
The more value your offer provides, the more likely you are to increase traffic and minimize “showrooming”.  For more information on to get results from mobile campaigns, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: HipCricket 2012


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