Mobile Ads Deliver Success

We’ve had several recent posts on the growth of mobile and smart phone penetration.  Consumer adoption of smart mobile technology has gotten to the point where mobile can no longer be considered a niche media.  New research
has been developed that shows consumers aren’t just using mobile devices
to communicate, they are also using them to make purchases and mobile
ads a large driver of those purchases.

• Nearly half of smart phone owners have seen mobile advertising messages

• 45% have made a product recommendation as a result of seeing a mobile ad

• Nearly two-thirds of smart phone owners have made a mobile purchase due to mobile advertising

• Among 25 to 34 year olds, 70% have made a purchase because of an ad and almost 60% said they would be willing to provide personal information if they were offered a reward or coupon

• Over 60% of adults in the 35 to 44 age group said they would click on a mobile ad if it had a coupon

• High income adults are more likely to click on mobile ads.  55% of those who interacted with a mobile ad had household incomes of $75,000+, nearly 30% had incomes of $100,000+

• Men are more likely than women to make mobile purchases and recommend products because of mobile advertising

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile ads don’t just encourage initial sales but they also have a follow-through effect.  They can also help you reach into the elusive male target audience.  There are volumes of research available on this blog and other sources that can show you how important mobile is in reaching customers and affecting purchases, but there was one thing in this research that was alarming:
Nearly three-quarters of consumers stated they had not seen a mobile ad from their favorite brands
The question is, are these brands not involved in mobile?
Well, it’s estimated that 45% of companies globally have some kind of
mobile presence.
So it may not be the fact that they are missing the mobile boat, it maybe the mobile boat they are using is very leaky.
They are probably not taking advantage of all the targeting options
that mobile offers or just targeting badly.  Targeting is key in
efficiently and effectively connecting with the audience you want to
communicate with.  You know the type of consumers you want to reach, you
probably have some kind of loyalty program to encourage your frequent
customers to return more often.  These are the types of things you need
to include in your mobile strategy.  Targeting ads will help ensure that
your messages will be seen. For more information on effectively
targeting the audience you want to reach, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: HipCricket 2012


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