What Separates Successful Social Presences From The Rest

Social media can be an effective tool to increase the visibility of your
brand and turn consumers into loyal customers.  But how do achieve that
success?  It starts with the content you deliver.  If your friends and
followers do not find your content valuable, your social offerings will
likely not be a place they turn to. The converse is also true – if your
followers are engaged with what you are presenting, social networking
can be a powerful tool.  The best performing brand Facebook pages have
more active sharing fans.
In looking at fans, there are three buckets fans fall into
»  Joiners – Joiners may participate in campaigns but do not engage in much sharing of content
»  Sharers – Sharers participate in campaigns and tell people in their network about them
»  Brand Advocates – Brand advocates not only participate in campaigns
and share messages, they have built up enough clout to influence their networks into action

• The most successful Facebook pages have a much lower percentage of users who are just joiners.  Over 80% of the audiences of average business Facebook pages are joiners.  With the most successful pages,
just 60% of users are joiners.

• Successful pages have a over twice the percentage of sharers as the average sites.  34% of successful page followers are sharers compared to 15% of the average sites

• When you look at brand advocates, the successful sites have over three times as many of these influential fans as the average sites

• This combination of content and users who share mean greater growth of overall fans and their engagement with the site

• Top performing sites grew their fan base by nearly 80% since September of
last year

• These top performing Facebook presences increased their engagement rates
by 90%

What Does This Mean To You?

It all comes down to sharing.  To help your page’s performance and the
affect it has on your operation, you need to have content that your
followers want  to share and reward them for sharing it.  By rewarding
your most influential fans, you give them a vested interest in helping
others discover your content and brand.  This increases the level of
connection you have with these influencers and builds your fan base.
There are several things you can do encourage engagement
»  Use clear call to action messages
»  Include images and videos
»  Utilize several social media platforms
For more information on how to create social media strategies that will help grow your business, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: eMarketer; Wildfire


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