Social Media Moms Trust

The digital age has given moms a wealth of information to help care and raise their children.  There has been several pieces of research that show moms turn to the internet for answers and advice.  Social media is one of the main places they look to. Moms, especially new moms, put much stock in the opinions of other moms. Whether it’s shared situations, taking advice from ones who’ve been through child rearing already, the need for adult conversation or the research that shows that women in general feel it’s their responsibility to help friends and family made the right decisions – a large percentage of moms rely on social networks.  A new research report has been released that chronicles the types of social media moms trust for parenting advice.

• The most trusted form of social media by moms were blogs.  Over two-thirds of moms said blogs offered the parenting advice they trusted most

• Moms in the 28 to 45 year old range had the highest trust percentage for blogs at over 70%

• Facebook was the second most trusted social entity at 64%

• Moms in the 46 to 64 year old group put the most trust in Facebook at 66%.  In general, Facebook has moved from a youth based platform to one used by parents and grandparents

• There is a big gap between the top two social entities that moms trust and the rest of the pack.  36% of moms trusted YouTube for parenting advice and Pinterest came in at 31%

• Nearly 30% of moms said they trusted Twitter for advice and 22% trust Instagram for advice

What Does This Mean To You?

Blogs offer moms a very personal social experience. It’s more of a one to one communication and the content can be very focused.  Because of the specific nature of content, blogs offer your business great targeting opportunities.  Social moms, in particular, can be a great revenue stream.

• In Broward and Palm Beach Counties, nearly seven in 10 women with children in their household have interacted with social media over the past month

• These social moms are more likely to be younger than moms in general

• Over 30% of social moms in Broward and Palm Beach have household incomes of $75,000+, 45% have incomes of $50,000+

• Two-thirds are employed and nearly half work in White-Collar positions

Reputation management is something you should be aware of when doing any social marketing.  It helps your brand keep a positive image.  Because moms rely on the opinions of others, negative information can have huge implications.  Make sure you address any complaints or issues and thank those who speak positively about you.  For more information on utilizing social media to reach moms, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: emarketer; BlogHer


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