Mobile Ads And Effectiveness

Over the past year or two, mobile has become a consumer-driven force.  There has been much research done on who is using mobile devices, the activities they participate in, the apps they use and the content they want.  With all this information, there is still one question businesses need to know – how effective is mobile in delivering my message.  A newly released study looked into the acceptance levels of mobile advertising and the affect mobile ads had on consumers.

• One in three tablet owners and one in five smart phone owners think that ads on mobile devices are acceptable

• 22% or tablet owners and 15% of smart phone owners don’t mind if they get ads on their device as long as they are relevant to them

• Nearly 20% of tablet owners clicked to view the full ad or product offering on a mobile device

• 8% of tablet owners and 5% of smart phone owners made a purchase on their mobile device after seeing an ad

• One in four tablet owners and 22% of smart phone owners made a purchase on a PC after seeing a mobile ad

• 17% of tablet owners looked for more information about a business after seeing a mobile ad

What Does This Mean To You?

The key to success with mobile ads, much like any form of marketing, is targeting.  The most effective and efficient campaigns are based on connecting with a target audience through media products they rely on and content that engages them.  The message you convey must speak to the needs of your target audience.  There is a time and place to talk about the features your product has or services your company provides; but to move the needle, you need to speak to the value you deliver.
Does it save your target audience time?
Will it save them money?
How does it enhance their life?
What problems will your goods and services solve?
Consumers look at mobile devices as a solution to great many things. By marketing your company or products as solutions as well, it will help you forge relationships and create awareness.  For more information on creating strategies that develop results, please contact your Sun Sentinel representative or:
Julie Otto
Advertising Marketing Manager

Source: Nielsen


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